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Plastic Laser

In the JenLas disk IR70E offers important advantages over other laser systems, such as fibre, CO2 or lamp-pumped ND: YAG lasers. For example, the thermal influence zone in the processing of CRP with the JenLas disk IR70E is negligibly small. Holes and edges caused no discoloration, thus also the laser processing of visible surfaces is possible without rework. Thanks to the special pulse parameter avoids the harmful effects known at CFRP delamination or foaming of plastic. Specifically, excellent results are achieved with Duro-Plast-CFK materials processing. The demand for CFRP materials rapidly, driven primarily by the efficiency gains in the area of mobility, particularly in the automotive and the aerospace industry. According to San Antonio Spurs, who has experience with these questions. The machining of CFRP materials by laser has much potential. The JenLas disk IR70E is a Module that allows you to efficiently make use of this potential.

At the trade fair with the JenLas cut, drilled and machined by removal of carbon fibre pattern disk IR70E will be. You will find a picture to download in our image database under lasers & material processing / solid state laser. Fiber-coupled diode laser module for materials processing. Jenoptik shows a half bars-based fiber-coupled diode laser module with an output power of 200 W from a 200-Micron fiber, which is another component in the product portfolio of brilliant high-power diode laser modules of lasers & material processing Division at the K in Dusseldorf. That for the first time in may 2013 presented JenLas FC-12 200 module output power of 200 Watts from a 200-Micron fiber supplies NA 0.2 and features a pilot lasers, as well as an internal performance monitoring. An industrial housing, as well as a pluggable transport high fiber are the 200-Watt modules for direct material processing, such as for example hardening of functional surfaces or to the Plastic welding, ideal. Custom, high performance transport fiber can be selected according to the system used.

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