Vacation in France


And if you find a prophetic sign that allowed them to indulge their senses, followed Jesus quantities, but qualities were few, that is, their disciples, who actually seized the spiritual things of all ages. A leper approached him one day and worshiped him, saying, Lord if you want you can heal, Jesus reached out and touched him, saying: I want to be clean, and immediately his leprosy was cleansed. Then Jesus said to her looks do not tell anyone, but go, and let the priest, and offer the gift that Moses commanded for a testimony to them. 1) the teacher and finisher of our faith,

His infinite wisdom taught that spiritual things, develop thinking about virtue, and not like continuously being made in order to receive rewards, I mean spiritually, that is helping our neighbors as if we ourselves, the rewards received at the time in which we develop the action, since we the benefit of others and this is paid into a blessing for our souls, making them more and more sensitive to the voice of the greatest of all spirits, which is the holy spirit of God. THE MASTER AND THE ACTIONS Jesus perfectly developed their actions, because I am witness to developing more methodical analysis of all antiquity and the present itself, in all that relates to the senses, for which he received through the same you need to socialize, and not necessary of the senses as the deception of appearance and the lie was all that contempt to socialize forever.

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