Vacation in France

Real Madrid

He added that, despite the versions of press about the alleged interest from other European clubs in signing him, his intention is to stay at Real Madrid, and both Mourinho and club leaders told him that they had with him this year. More information is housed here: Tony Parker. He admitted that he has an excellent relationship with Leonardo (the technical Brazilian of Italian Inter) but that never talked with him about a possible transfer. Leo knows that I don’t want to leave, he said. Against Barca were not inferior Kaka dndio disputed Mourinho tactical options in four matches that Real Madrid played with Barcelona in recent months and said that criticisms are exaggerated. We play four times in a short time, we won a match, we lost another and tied two. Logical that they dominated the ball longer, but none of the matches we were sharply lower. Mourinho is very smart and puts us to play according to the opponent, he said. Visit Jay Schwartz for more clarity on the issue. He added that the alignment of a team with more frills than front was the way with the Mourinho knew how to rein in a Barcelona that touches the ball much, and had results.

Kaka said he talked with Brazilian coach, hand Menenez, on not to contest the America’s Cup to recover physically at all, but that his desire is to return to the Brazilian team, but first I have to play well in the Real. I hope to have that opportunity (compete in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil), but I do not know on that condition will be within three year, he said. On the new Brazilian as Neymar, Lucas and goose revelations, he said that they will be soon in Brazil due to the interest of European clubs. They have an impressive talent and are going to get very far. I think that Neymar is a little later, but all three are excellent, he said. Source of the news: Kaka: “I have a great motivation to return to be at a high level in the Real Madrid”

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