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Rene Muller

In fact, the current approach of consultative selling (with a focus on their needs) is currently working for many customers. For these customers the seller should sell so, as it has worked so far well, increasing sales, there is no need to change the sales process! There are three ingredients that can cause both buyer and seller, to switch from an advisory to a cooperative mode: the two organisations (buyers, sellers) already have a successful and trusting business relationship. Each organization the other organization needed to ensure success. There is a risk (skewed) for an organization (seller), which could potentially hurt the other organization (“purchaser”). If these three conditions are present, it is to be in the best interest of both organizations, collaborative partner. Because of her confidence full relationship, it should be relatively easy for the seller to address the need for flexibility and common solutions to problems.

An example from my practice: I myself gives as a negotiator between a car dealership and a resident painting company. So the dealership XYZ perform approximately 40% of the painting has made on the average at the painting operation. After intensive and cooperative discussions we were able to make following WIN-WIN situation: the dealership will take 90% of paint in the paint operation in future and get a discount of 5% instead of 3% for immediate payment within 5 days. At payment bottlenecks we have an extended payment terms from 6 weeks agreed. This approach has brought about 40% more sales with the dealership the painting operation after six months and the dealership was able to increase the margin in the paint area to 19% as a result. It is to be noted that this partnership can result in mutual benefits also from a different point of view. If an organization to survive today”must fight, can it be easy, that tomorrow the other that’s why fights.

“Working in a collaborative manner builds a spirit of reciprocity, so that both partners as business cycles like ebb and flow” function. Impact on your sales success, my hope is that this article could explain the different approaches in the sale and showed you some insights about possibilities how you can increase your sales success. “With confidence, start to recognize what kind of seller they are: o go you can still use the old ways of nepotism”? o lower still the prices your business to secure, but hurt clearly the income-expenditure situation? o you are still, to explain the features and benefits of your products, although these are not compatible with the deeper motives of purchasing your customers and prospects? How to sell services or products? Then, I wish your company’s success that they operate on a higher level of professional selling, in the sense of the consultative sales with your customers. But not enough! This article gives you ideas to increase business success with some major customers. You can significantly reduce your business risk in today’s difficult economic climate. For even more opinions, read materials from Margaret Loesser Robinson. “Because collaborative selling” is particularly useful if it helps both parties in a mediated way in the longer term. You begin a new era of selling are consultants and will be cooperative! Author and copyright: Rene Muller

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