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A Pearl surrounded by vineyards in the Rheingau such wine I have never brought in the mouth”. How delicious it is the praise of the administrator Johann Michael Engert 1776, when he tried for the first time the late harvest of Johannisberg. Years later as a comet wine referred to the great Comet of 1811. matured by the longer than usual delayed harvest date and the noble rot resulting. Praise being lazy: inIch experience and it taste to relish 234 years later. In the Goosedown sirens paradise, the Rheingau. Even without the wine you want to relax, mild climate, fragrance, gently the landscape, soft air on a late summer day. Top built 1872 romanticized on the Burg Schwarzenstein, Geisenheim, formerly the headquarters of guts, it can live.

Already arriving is a special delight, if pick you up a tiring train ride away from the shuttle, which is expected when you would come home high creeps roads through the towns of wine. The 39 rooms and suites, all that are in the main house, country house or Park residence Living – and sleeping dream. Terrace with unique view to the West over the vineyard with the in-house situation of black stone, over the Silver River in the Rheingau, the cosy villages, clear visibility up to Thunder Mountain extended. Selected Interior, beautiful fabrics, elegant lamps, whose technical handling the ungeschicktere guest dominated, everything is generous. The minibar free, the cosmetics generously as a gift of the House. In contrast to many hotels the hangers to free float, may clamped not scary in her cell. a spacious bathroom, whose Buddha figure quoted serenity and tranquility, unloaded the religious setting.

A compliment to the charming hostess. All in the style of the Relais & Chateaux. Stephanie and Michael Teigelkamp the hotel shop philosophy. Their refuge high, even higher the met claim. in 2004, the Mainz entrepreneur couple Ursula and Ernst Udo Grossmann the Castle buys to keep them for posterity.

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