Vacation in France


To begin choose a restaurant, you need to start to know where to watch it. You can go to an area where you would like to celebrate a wedding, or see something near the registry office, or remembering your favorite restaurant, or search on the Internet. In our opinion, the best option might be called an Internet search. Thanks to the World Wide Web can be found not only all the restaurants in your city, as well as learn their location and contact information, and Of course, the opinions of its users. In addition, often the information about the restaurant attached photos of the interior and a menu with prices.

Write down the most interesting options for you to restaurants and start up their inspection route. What to remember when viewed from the restaurant says the director of the restaurant “Ocean Bar” on Poznyak, Lydia Kuznetsova. First and foremost, pay attention to the traffic interchange near the restaurant. It is important that your guests feel comfortable return home after a holiday. Ideally, the presence of underground near the restaurant and ground transportation is required. The second thing to notice is the capacity of the restaurant if he could take a number Guest, you are going to invite.

Call the restaurant and ask the administrator to tell you how they are arranged at the banquet tables. Note whether there is room for tantsevi to exit the ceremony, if any, planned. Ask at the reception banquet menu, ask how much money the average person to get when you order a banquet. Please specify whether the order in this amount of alcohol. You can ask the opportunity to bring their spirits. Many restaurants are allowed to bring their spirits, pre-ordering a little alcohol in them. Find out at the expense of music. Some restaurants put a condition to order only by their music, otherwise you have to pay a fine restaurant musicians to bring their own. Find out just how long before a restaurant, so you can plan your holiday at the time. Related Group understood the implications. Do not forget to ask if there is a possibility fireworks start when planning such. Ask at the expense of free restaurants on your date, as well as on account of conditions of booking a restaurant. And finally … If you have enough time, you should avoid in such a way all of the selected restaurants. After each visit, mark all the conditions of the restaurant, its pros and cons. It is easier for you to choose the task, without giving an opportunity to miss any details. Then you future husband will be able to relaxed atmosphere and view the records to select restaurants that fit your criteria and, if necessary, visit them again. Most importantly, note the behavior of restaurant personnel, including administrator. If you have anything I do not like in their behavior (inattention, discourtesy, rudeness), it is better to abandon such a restaurant to avoid problems and surprises at the festival. In fact, councils choice of restaurant mass, the mass is taken into account the nuances, but we tried to cover the most important and basic. We hope that this will be enough to choose the best restaurant on your best day in my life!

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