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River Aire

This breed brought in 1850, Yorkshire breeders who lived in the valley of the River Aire, crossing harera (hare beagle) dog with Old English black and tan terrier (today disappeared completely). Airedale is officially recognized by the Kennel Club in 1886, Strong and gambling, Airedales have won the hearts of many big game hunters. Breed Airedale different universality: the world's largest terrier was a wonderful hunter and all-round performance of gifted and athletic dog. During the First World War, Airedales were messengers, sentries, sanitation and dogs involved in the fighting. Fox-terrier Fox Terrier Fox Terrier, there are in England from the xvi century. Of the two varieties of the breed – Wire Fox Terrier and Fox Terrier Shorthair – the second is more ancient. Among source rocks were beagles, ancient breed black and tan, white and other terriers, bull terriers.

Modern fox terrier bred in the first half of xix century, specifically to hunt foxes in holes (hence its name went), wild boar and badgers. Standards for the 2 varieties of fox terrier breed published in 1876, but then founded and club fox terrier breed. Now the fox terrier has become the most popular dog among terriers. Shorthair kind of fox terrier is rarer than haired. Manchester Terrier Manchester Terrier Manchester Terrier – a modern version of the dog-rat-catcher, formerly known as the old black and tan terrier, who in the past was widely distributed in north-west England. It is believed that the breed is bred by crossing an old black and tan terrier, uipeta and West Highland White Terrier.

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