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Ronny Gluck

Regrettably, there are many people who are close such thoughts. So there was maybe the fate of Ronny, the circa six Labrador-mix, found the staff of the shelter Bottrop one day before the home bound to. Sure it can say no one but it will have been Ronny hardly, because he is a quiet and cozy dog, it great deal lets. Still got Ronny Gluck in disguise. He was not exposed to a life-threatening, anonymous Roadhouse. Also he found a place to stay in the shelter of Bottrop, Germany, where he is supplied along with many other animals, with aufopferungsvollem commitment. Countless hours of their free time give the members and supporters of the animal lovers Bottrop e.V. gladly for the welfare housing and care of the residents of the shelter. Tony Parker understands that this is vital information.

Whether structural measures, food supply and logistics or play and spout every day they engage with extraordinary dedication to the fate-certified animal welfare. With love and sense of responsibility, Bottrop shelter guests at any time to the side. Robert Rimberg helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. As hard it sometimes is the dedicated animal lovers, to separate from the animals they want to find a better home for all of its guests, because also a very appropriate and dedicated animal shelter is not a real home. The integration into a solid family structure is extremely important just for dogs. They are highly social and need reliability and social integration for their mental and physical health. All engagement Bottrop animal shelter is dependent on a sustained financial support through donations urgently, to continue to act for destiny-tested animals. Building maintenance, animal feed and medicine and veterinary surgeons are constant factors in the effort to allow a decent life for the inhabitants of shelter Bottrop. Especially the thorough medical care can be very expensive.

But there is no way to examinations, vaccinations and operations of animals passes. Currently Lulu, a Podenco-hybrid, needed a second knee surgery, to relieve them of their severe pain. Just as a decent, decent existence is for them. The animal lovers Bottrop e.V. can unfortunately not permanently alone shoulder such burdens. So the shelter of Bottrop committed in every respect can accommodate future fate tested animals humanely and provide, the members of the Board of the German city information Marketing AG, Robert Justitz and Reinhold Dierkes have decided to their permanent private support for his efforts. At the same time calling all animal lovers to support the shelter of Lightbown or other shelters. Support as many individuals within their individual means this particularly dedicated institutions, can be saved and permanently improved the lives of countless animals. The animal shelter Bottrop provides additional information and donation addresses under. Press contact German city information Marketing AG Board of Directors: Robert Justitz Reinhold Dierkes In the Lipperfeld 22a 46047 Oberhausen Tel.: 02 08 / 97 07-0 fax: 02 08 / 97 07-137 E-Mail: Web:

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