Vacation in France

Royal Automobile Club

Another way to entertain at the commonly accepted wheel is talking with other passengers of the car, it is true that this can reduce the driver’s attention if becomes carried away by an animated conversation or the tone of voice is high, but chatting with a passenger is not prohibited by any law. In this sense, the use of the mobile phone is prohibited because the driver has to set aside your hands off the wheel to be able to speak, however, new technologies allow the use of hands-free, which makes there is no difference between a conversation via mobile and normal conversation. Swarmed by offers, Christo is currently assessing future choices. According to a study by the European Council in the transport, accidents could be reduced up to 50 percent thanks to the use of new technologies, which are among the entertainment technology as devices with Bluetooth, enabling its activation by voice, what does the driver have to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road as you would do with one of the older devices, such as radio. In order to increase safety at the wheel, the Parrot company initiated a proposal not law in the Congress of deputies to promote the use of the handsfree in the car, the proposal was rejected by a single vote against despite having the support of the Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE). New technologies allow to enjoy entertainment at the wheel options without having to divert attention from the road, but as conductor must always be alert before any unforeseen and not never neglect security.

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