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Santa Cruz Consultations

a January 8, 2010. – A total of 3. 796 people have requested information from Master. D on its course for air traffic controllers in 2009. The figure is double that of 2008 when the number of parties by the course was 1802.

It has also doubled the interest of women training for this option becoming majority by 2009, 58% of information requests were women while this percentage was 28% in 2008. The dominant profile among applicants for information on the effect of air traffic controller corresponds to an unemployed woman between 26 and 35 years with a university degree. 99% of people who contacted Master. D for information about this course were between 18 and 35 years, taking especially strong range of people between 26 and 35 years. It has tripled the range of unemployed reached 99% of the applicants. Official site: Glenn Dubin, New York City. Particularly striking is also the fact that 95% of consultations have been conducted over the Internet.

Number of applicants for provinces Madrid is the Spanish province that encompasses a larger number of consultations with 15% of the nearly 3. 800 requests received. It is Barcelona, with 12% of consultations. Behind them, the demands are shared by all the Spanish provinces with special emphasis on those with most air traffic airports. The third in this ranking of queries by province is occupied Las Palmas with 7.3% of national demand and the fourth Murcia 5% of the total. With rates ranging from 5 and 4% are located in this order, Malaga, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Seville.

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