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Sebastian Charelle

Pierre Kartner alias Vader Abraham congratulates Sebastian Charelle to successful cover version it is the time of the annually repeating “Eurovision Song Contest” season, where it happy tingles in Sebastian Charelle. He is a big fan of this musical mammoth event and this time is the joy of his a very special, but the composer competition pursued by millions viewers pleasantly reminds him of the past year. At that time, Sebastian Charelle laid the groundwork for his current success. 2010, he fell straight into the Dutch contribution to competition and quickly an idea in his head. He initiated a meeting with his team of producers a cover version with hit potential of the original title was Stefan Possnicker and Erich oxler of music and in a short time. Sebastian Charelle with this cover version is now itself successfully on everyone’s lips at the same time to the current Grand Eurovision event. He has achieved good positions in almost all German charts and is available in the one or the other classification vote even in the number one position.

The reason for this excellent review and response is the song Sha-la-lie (I’m in love), which is now happily drills since some time in the ears of listeners. And there are even more positive events that currently shake through the young singing career of the North. A few weeks ago, Sebastian Charelle met with Pierre Kartner, better around the world known as Vader Abraham. He is creator of the hit for more than three decades and copyright of the original Dutch title “Ik ben verliefd (Sha-la-lie)”. Of the cover versions of the songs published now in multiple languages in the German variant liked especially him. And Pierre Kartner from Holland called spontaneously invited Sebastian to himself.

This was an extraordinary award and an appropriate opportunity to present the official German single version of the title of author and producer legend. Between the two, a common wavelength, which flowed together in extensive conversations about music was created quickly and it came also the numerous Golden and Diamond records show that Pierre Kartner was honored for his big hits of the world. There was even a common singing interlude, and of course, both artists agreed on the hit “Sha-la-lie”. Sebastian Charelle there is honor and recognition at the same time, that Pierre Kartner wishes him for his other musical way, continued success is for the song “Sha-la-lie” and offered to be helpful to support the singer in Germany with him into contact.

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