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Ie everything used on your site must be ever created a web-studio, or bought, or taken from the official free databases. Complex decision of the ways to implement the site in life you can think of very much, even if you already approved the design and functionality of the site. And from that, the site will be made, depends on its future performance, resistance to stress, speed, degree of visibility in search engines (such as Yandex and Google) and even the cost of its continued support and promotion. The more factors that affect the efficiency of the site will be considered and incorporated in the design, the fewer the problems and costs of the site will be in the future. Naturally, such an integrated approach will increase the time needed work, but you can be sure that having decided, for example, to search engine optimization and web site promotion, you will not have to completely rewrite the code for this purpose the site. The experience and professionalism usually experienced professionals, take less time to meet new challenges.

In addition, based on its experience with other similar projects, they can advise how to make a more effective website. Many interesting and useful things can tell us about the studio portfolio of work completed, so careful consider it. Decide whether you like the site design, look at how diverse and useful projects. It is quite possible that the site is lined with the old portfolio, so if you are interested in a particular web studio it makes sense to ask them for references to recent work. Once you have decided on a little in their goals and priorities – feel free to ring up your favorite web-studio and ask them about the features and details work.

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