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Southwest Airlines

Famed film director and actor Kevin Smith, known for the character “Silent Bob” has become the latest victim of the tax roll for “obesity.” He was asked to leave a Southwest Airlines flight, being on the plane, due to their “diameter.” Immediately after his expulsion from the flight to California, launched an attack on the company through his Twitter account – which is no small thing, considering the large number of followers of Smith. The incident has cast new light on the growing debate about whether airlines are right to talk of charging extra for passengers with “imposed by obesity.” Is it discrimination or just a good old economic measure? From the debates about the legality of discrimination by the weight, until the economic analysis of the growing threat to aviation safety is our ever-increasing size, one thing is certain: many people are outraged that they can be penalized for overweight. weight defended his policy, saying it has been in force for 25 years, and is not intended as an extra source of income. Actress has compatible beliefs. “The policy requires that passengers who do not fit safely and comfortably in a seat, have to pay for an extra seat to travel,”citing the airline, according to the Los Angeles Times. However, if the flight is empty seats, the fare will be reimbursed extra. But the general feeling is that the airlines are going too far by punishing larger passengers, treating people with simple overweight as if they were morbidly obese. According to Peggy Howell, director of public relations for the NAAF, “The same passengers who have complied with the requirements imposed by such company Southwest, malicious and were then publicly forced to leave the plane, once shipped.

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