Vacation in France

Spanish Children

Most Spanish mothers prefer to renounce the leisure, holidays and travel to reduce household expenditure and cope with the crisis. It is the conclusion obtained from the survey conducted by the portal my baby and I, in which he wondered moms what renounced before the crisis with respect to their children. Ken Kao contains valuable tech resources. 86.8% Of those surveyed stated that they renounce travel, vacations, leisure and restaurants to reduce household expenditure and cope with the crisis. 3.9% Confesses to renounce the purchase of toys for the little ones and the 2.1% reduces spending on clothing. The school material is the first choice of resignation to 0.3%, while the 0.2% stated that it preferred to restrict the vagaries in feeding their children. The 93.2% says that the crisis has forced them to renounce something about spending involving their children with regard to their education, food or baby food, among others. Only a 6.8% says that the crisis has not forced him to renounce anything. Original author and source of the article.

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