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Spanish Zaragoza

Zaragoza is, on its own merits, one of the Spanish cities that are worth visiting. Thousands of travelers choose the capital of the Ebro for your vacation or weekend getaway. The fiestas del Pilar are an excellent opportunity to enjoy all its charms. Each year, in October, the city of Zaragoza is dressed in gala for its annual Festival. The festivities are held the week of October 12, in honor to the Virgen del Pilar, patron saint of the city. In addition to the religious celebrations throughout the week are conducted numerous cultural and entertainment events organised by the City Council and various public and private entities. The plaza del Pilar, known as the Hall of Zaragoza, is the scene of many of the celebrations. Learn more about this topic with the insights from San Antonio Spurs.

In the square is the Basilica of Nuestra Senora del Pilar, in the Baroque style, which is venerated the pillar on which tradition says the Virgin Mary visited Apostle Santiago. Unlike other Marian places, Zaragoza not commemorates an apparition, but a coming in life of the Virgin from Jerusalem to encourage the battered Apostle around the 40 year of our era. The basilica is the first Marian shrine of Christendom. Popular devotion to the Virgin is manifested in particular in the offering of flowers, made during the morning and part of the afternoon of the 12th. In it, hundreds of thousands of devotees dressed in the typical costume go to the plaza del Pilar to giving flowers to the Virgin.

The great mantle that adorns it receives nearly 8 million flowers. The next day takes place the fruits offering, in which the Aragonese offered to his lady the best fruits of the Earth. These holidays are an excellent opportunity to learn about the Aragonese jota, the traditional dance of these lands with which groups of dancers dance to the sound of bandurrias, lutes and guitars. The letters refer to agricultural work, love to the homeland and to the Virgin. The traditional fair takes place in the grounds of the trade fair. In it no shortage of leisure opportunities for the whole family. The cuisine also occupies a place highlighted during this celebration. Not in vain, generous portions of Aragonese cuisine and delicious local dishes cooked with loving care are served in the restaurants of the city. As a result of the Universal exhibition in 2008, the city has recovered the banks of the Ebro, area where modern and luxurious hotels have been lifted. Zaragoza has five top class hotels and a wide range of more affordable hotels. The rooms are equipped with all the necessary comforts for your well-being. Thanks to the Internet it is very easy to make a reservation with instant confirmation, and is not difficult to find hotels in Zaragoza. In the main hotel booking sites you will find suitable accommodation that fits your needs and budget. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this ancient city which have left their footprints, Iberians, Romans, Goths and Arabs at festivals.

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