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The bottom of the pelvis (or bath) must cover a special rubber mat or cloth, the cat feel safe and not lose the balance on the slippery bottom. Fill pan with water is necessary so that she got out before the animal's abdomen. To swim became attractive to a kitten in the water placed netonuschie toys kitten. There should be no water treatment immediately after the pet eats. Bathing sphinx preferably not earlier than 3 hours after feeding. If the owner takes out a pet to the cottage, then bathe him should be daily. If the cat is very nervous or shows aggression, then, after consulting with your veterinarian, you can give it 20-30 minutes before bathing sedative. Caring for the ears of your pet's ears should be regularly inspect both inside and outside.

Heavy pollution, bloody or purulent discharge suggests that the cat ears are various inflammations. Ears is a sign of disease and changes in animal behavior. Feeling the pain cat starts to shake his head and scratch his paws ears. As a rule, while behind the ears or at their base is found skin irritation. Such manifestations may indicate a food allergy your pet. In any case, If the owner began to suspect that his pet is suffering from ear infections, it is an urgent need to address to a good vet. It should be remembered that the neglected diseases, in most cases leads to loss of hearing cat. Because naked Sphynx have elevated serootdelenie, clean the ears are advised to frequently than cats of other breeds.

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