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Starting Your Theatre Group

To form a Christian theater group must take into account important aspects to have a better performance, I want to show them that you are using to create your group. Get an ad in which you express to those interested in joining the theatre group to make contact with you and pass it in the cults of thy Church, another option is to start with your friends. Once you have people, summon a meeting for: choose the name of the group, this name identifying them where go, in each presentation and the entire Church. Create the code for the group, i.e. a manual of rules, values and obligations to be met by all members of the theater group. That each member fill out a questionnaire to better understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to form different areas of work such as scenery, props, writers, director and actors.

I recommend that you take in each meeting dynamics of theatrical learning where teach your technical group of acting and also ten spiritual moments, these Dynamics will help you join the group. Seeks to have moments of coexistence with the group, go for a walk somewhere, go to the beach or to the Park and celebrate birthdays. So the theater group will have an atmosphere of strong friendship. Something very important is that you have that as in any group of persons problems will arise from time to time, when this happens you have to take into account the following: welcomed in public and reprimands in private.By this I mean that whatever the problem never reganes you a member of the group against others, worse against other members of the Group; This way you do not avergonzaras them and they will thank you for it.Do it in private, alone with that person; instead always seeks to compliment the good deeds and good work that each Member of your theatre group perform, this will increase them their self-esteem and they will know that you value them. Diversifies the works that you submit, you don’t always use the same theme of the alcoholic father, the son who is going home, etc. group must have their repertoire of works of various subjects and that they come out of the usual. You not even creativity, motivate your group to create their own plays, takes into account the ideas that propose provided they are feasible, this way they really will feel an important part of the Group and I am sure that they provide you very good ideas and works.

Prays during the preparation of the work, and the moment of dalir scene, God must be the main character of all work and if not is manifested in the hearts of the public, the work will only be a show. Well, here are my tips for you, taking these aspects into account in your theatre group and I assure you that it will bring them benefits. God bless you.

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