Vacation in France

Street Adolescents

-Develop social skills: to help them behave with reasonable autonomy in relation to others, to neutralize positively by the Group of friends to drugs and pressures, in your case, change the Group landscape itself. New school and the family share multiple initiatives to train children and adolescents in these assertive patterns of relationship that will help them to respect others and claim for if same equal consideration. -Promote an experience rich and diverse leisure time: to help adolescents find satisfaction that don’t compromise their development, and to build positive ways of enjoying leisure, from the possibilities of the territory that is found. Are, in this sense, multiple experiences developed in towns and cities in Spain, aimed at educating adolescents in an enriching entertainment, as well as the experiences aimed at promoting activities for leisure time alternatives to ‘partying’. -Favour a reasonable exercise of parental authority: that allows children and teenagers internalize acceptable standards of coexistence and make increasingly responsible decisions, even when acting moved by curiosity and the pleasure. Schools of fathers and mothers here occupy an exceptional place in a moment in which up to young people themselves claim their parents the existence of clear boundaries. -Reduce the presence of drugs: the social scenarios by which adolescents move.

To greater ease of access to drugs increased consumption, increased abuse and major difficulties derived. Hence the importance that the drugs are not a permanent and ubiquitous reality in the territories adolescents and youth. Among the drugs most consumed by teenagers we have: 1. drugs (Ecstasy) synthesis: it’s composite type stimulants that adds some more or less hallucinogenic effects component. Is They traded in the form of pills and tablets, for there are who have been baptized in the argot Street as pastis or pirulas, among other names. Various drawings that serve as an element of identification is recorded on its surface.

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