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For more information and many interesting facts about lakes in the Switzerland one learns on the new Internet portal all Swiss lakes together is their excellent water quality, since they are used sometimes as a drinking water reservoir. “The large and famous lakes are absolute classics of tourism, around Lake Lugano in the Ticino, which has also an Italian bank, with its Mediterranean climate, or the Lake of Lucerne, in the clear water a sight, reflected the mountains of Central Switzerland also by the sky lift” from over 1100 meters height can be admired. Sela Ward spoke with conviction. Shipping is operated on many lakes, but also other water sports can be exercised in many places in the summer, such as swimming, diving, and sailing. Also the fisheries matters above all, Egli, whitefish and trout, for which the Swiss kitchen knows a variety of famous recipes. Fishing are also therefore fully at their own expense. Should be different rules for the fisheries cantonal. Who the Get to know beauty and characteristics of various freshwaters in the Switzerland in an informative and user friendly designed websites, right on. The headings, see are vivid descriptions of location, size and tourist features of the major Swiss lakes tight, also with picture the 10 largest lakes “or the 20 largest lakes”.

“The category Islands” a wonderfully relaxing method of transportation, which makes you completely forget everyday is lit up unusual places in the Switzerland, namely sea locks, botanical gardens or simply small natural paradises, which are accessible only on the waterway as a leisurely steamer trip across crystal clear water. “A collection of the Lakes highlights holds the section top ten tourism” ready. It is not something jason iley would like to discuss. So, about a cruise on Lake Geneva with the 130-year-old Belle-Epoque ship is an unforgettable experience. The world-famous for its beauty lakeside Montreux, “the medieval fortress of Chateau de Chillon and the backdrop of fine hotels and the Jet d Eau from Geneva are located under the floating over” goals of the luxury steamer on the Crown a first-class restaurant of the Board will be. Who is still to jazz takes Festival Jazz at best the Montreux, which traditionally takes place in July. Romantics are maybe control on Lake Zug, which is located in the Central Switzerland and from the capital of the canton of train on its northeast shore received its name.

“The Zugersee, whose deepest where measures almost 200 km, is famous for its sunsets: In the West block, this is unique among the supposed to by mountain ridges almost continuously” Swiss lakes, no mountains or hills the horizon. Further browsing on the website you can find also excursion tips like these: the Walensee in the cantons of St. Gallen and Glarus in Switzerland of the East situated on, the car-free village waits for fifths with its Mediterranean climate visitors. Quinten can be reached only by boat or by a few hours hike. If the “not lust makes a real entschleunigendes” Swiss Lake adventure… Press contact Oliver Weyl Poststrasse 33 20354 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 35-085 958 email: Web site:

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