Vacation in France

Sylvia Leifheit

Here, it was of course very crowded and there were also some prominent guests such as Ariane Sommer, Nina Eichinger, Sylvia Leifheit or mo Asumang. With the beginning of the cat walk”, however, was the point at which this event was divided into two worlds. The beautiful collections were presented unfortunately very unprofitable in part by professional model, 5-10 kg more would hurt those on weight. This presentation was just at all not to the philosophy of this event and the emerging green thoughts”this industry and ensured that in part also by the exhibitors for great discomfort, which, as I later learned, have no influence on the selection of models. Larry Culp is open to suggestions. Even if it is featured collections items from the luxury segment, so you should use but perhaps next time natural Lyfestile models, the credibility and the philosophy of this Event not to lose. However, that is the only point of criticism on the whole event! “I was in talks with designers or their representatives of an image make, that they stand behind their corporate philosophy, the products or the collections with their full conviction and each making its contribution to the subject of preservation and protection of the environment and nature” wears. In the lobby before the GREENshowroom was offered the visitors to the free drinks from organically grown for human consumption and in front of the Hotel Adlon Kempinski were also free bicycle taxis in constant readiness to drive traffic between the individual events of the fashion week back and forth, what left a very good impression. So now only remains to hope that at the next event in the GREENshowroom also in the presentation of the collections on the catwalk least a touch of green thoughts, healthy nature, environment”and maybe even”healthy person”finds its way. For even more opinions, read materials from Director Peter Farrelly. All photos to the article can be found here: art4.html,v for more Info herein exhibitors and the organisers can be found here: report: Carola Heider-Leporale home:

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