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Osho Books

Osho grandmaster from India, was passionate about reading, his personal library stored more than 150 thousand books, Osho claimed to have read all those books that dwelt in his personal library, his passions were philosophy, religion, literature, poetry and science in general. His father said that the House went from a House with library to […]

Structural Timber

Structural timber in houses is usually Nordic pine (Pinus sylvestris) or spruce (Picea abies), both conifer species.There are species with a good ratio. And they belong to the resistance groups approximately from C18 to C30.Nordic pine is preferably used in structures exposed to the weather.Glued beams used in the construction, to cover large spans, should […]

Erasmus Schroter Artists

From 16th to 20th July 2 will be in Leipzig. International Photography Festival F/stop instead. Leipzig, June 26 2008-82 artists from 14 countries present their work on the grounds of the spinning mill and a two kilometre long exhibition Parcours in the vibrant district of Plagwitz. Leipzig is an important place for artistic tendencies of […]

Post Fashionweek

Visit in the capital city on the path between art and culture the must is the Berlin fashion week in January for all fashion fans at the end of the month in Berlin. Now I will make on the way. Pleased that it worked with the Akrreditierung, I’ll dive for a moment in the world […]

Berlin Martin

Remember tolerance Martin Diepold Michalsky StyleNite the famous Berlin fashion designer Michael Michalsky Berlin presented on July 8 at the Berlin fashion week fashion trends for summer 2012. “To the settled artist by Angela Merkels statement Multikulti has failed” inspired and was therefore a scene-mix from different countries and cultures. The exhibition at the Gallery […]

Daniel Ohlmann

“The game is a ritual, the companion of the constant question: what happens then?” The Emperor of Atlantis”overall death denies the Emperor dominates the world the service at the moment, as “this large, beneficent war of all against all” can announce. But death is no longer wants from overall, which has made of him a […]

The Butler

One is not due to fill more than until half. DECALOGUE OF PRESENTATION 1. – The candles of the table ignite before the guests accede to the dining room and they go out once have retired. They must be odorless. 2. (Not to be confused with Sela Ward!). – The water and the bread can […]

Leadership Developer

The Positivismo and the Antipositivismo in Mexico. Luis Count Lopez lcondelopez@ Introduction. These lines are the result of the restlessness that arose when attending the matter " Axiloga of the Mexicano" in the masters of Leadership Developer. Although previous to attend the masters some works of personages like Right Mountain range and Alfonso had […]

Castle Halbturn Concert

Chamber music at the highest level and extensive classical music program on Schloss Halbturn already for the third time in a row held the year’s concert series Chateau classic. Schloss Halbturn initiated by Baroness Patricia Waldbott and the cultural association again well-known artists in the Seewinkel could be loaded. By the same author: Sela Ward. […]

Bartolomeo Rastrelli

began to deelop the Moscow School of painters-rich plots and , high technique of casting and subtle embossing. The most famous sculpture of the first master half of the xiii century. – Bartolomeo Rastrelli, Carlo (1675 – 1744). In 1716 he was inited by Peter I of France and moed to Russia and stayed there […]