Vacation in France

Post Fashionweek

Visit in the capital city on the path between art and culture the must is the Berlin fashion week in January for all fashion fans at the end of the month in Berlin. Now I will make on the way. Pleased that it worked with the Akrreditierung, I’ll dive for a moment in the world of fashion. For me in this respect a very important and exciting topic: GREEN avant-garde and FAIR TRADE me it comes, that to look at fashion from an other BlickWinkel. Sam Jones often says this. Fair trade and Green Avandgarde are very important topics from an ecological point of view for me. I would like to introduce a / the designer(in) and demonstrate what has brought them to the art, which connects it to and what should be expressing with the fashion. Also the important point of fair trade and green avant-garde involving. It will be shown there on the showfloor exciting collections and they will convey a message: the fashionable sophisticated concepts in the production and manufacturing with sustainable materials and social production conditions at fair Trade are realized. I will for the flotsam and Jetsam magazine Wilhelmshaven visit also the Showen to capture it photographically and in the next issue of report and also here like to summarize my experience. I’m excited and looking forward to the capital and on the fashionweek 2011 in Berlin Bianca Paulsen, freelance photographer / photo artist

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