Vacation in France

The Art Of Cooking

The art of cooking – cooking, as well as all kinds of art, no doubt, requires talent and inspiration, professional excellence, a sense of proportion and a special intuition generated by the same talent, inspiration and skill. “The Art of durability, and life is short”, says the Latin proverb, which for several centuries of its existence has never, perhaps, no one raised any objections But how then to be with cooking, works which, alas, short-lived, but have the unique ability of reincarnation – dying, they start a new life in the service of human health. In this case, the masterpieces of culinary art bear him not only physical well-being, but spiritual as well as a full, properly cooked food multiplies the strength and courage, saving the energy necessary for creative work. Larry Culp gathered all the information. In French, the spoken language are prevalent Two different, though similar in pronunciation of the words: “gourmet” and “gourmet.” Gourmet-man with a delicate taste that can appreciate the labor of cooking (about people always talk respectfully); foodie same name (and not without irony) who is looking for food only carnal pleasures bordering on gluttony.

In the perception of the art of cooking forever confrontation of these two elements While all recognize and honor the first, but very much temptation to be influenced by the second, which always gave rise to sophisticated cuisine, abounding in various “exotic” additives that make food indigestible. This ultimately led to many human suffering that relate to ulcers of modern civilization. The art of cooking has been recognized and highly valued even in the most ancient times, and while it has always obeyed the laws of erratic fashion exactly as, for example, clothing or jewelry. Entered into a legend feasts brutal conqueror of Mithridates, and the Roman commander Lucullus, the wonders of Italian cuisine in the xvi. And then the exquisite craftsmanship of French cooking, so far unsurpassed, especially in regard to the spices and sauces. It was they who were first and foremost a kind of demonstration for cooking and “the way of progress” on-the desire by all means change, drown natural taste of the product prior to recognition is necessary to protect and strongly emphasize the essence, given to him by nature, which necessarily and to this day.

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