Vacation in France

The Experience In Life

No living being can be used to comfort, leisure and entertainment unique to the man. To read more click here: Tony Parker. A man who respects the life cycle of the species for consumption in a more natural environment, where neither their meat nor their skins are more valuable than your life. It is necessarily vital, clear and correct actions that harm the environment and those that produce a pain and suffering to humans and animals. The use and application of science and technology, must seek to protect and maintain and nurture the development of all living things. Man’s existence is strongly linked to the planet, if the health of Nature suffers, man, much more fragile, ill. The future is only possible from the coexistence of solidarity and brotherhood among cultures, peoples and nations in the search for solutions and projects that will minimize, and prevent any from inequalities by working towards the improvement, maintenance and prevention of persons, animals, plants and natural areas, which by their situation are clearly decompensating the rest of the planet. A future in which our children and future generations, educated from childhood in humanistic values, respect and care, can be with integrity in a healthy and attractive environment to learn in its rich biodiversity.

The man as a cog called the Universe, and, Thus, Nature, must flow harmoniously with it. Feeling one with the whole, recovering the capacity to feel beyond our skin, to live fully. The Experience of Art as Engine Change The pursuit of beauty, both in balance and harmony, is intrinsic to human nature, we are all susceptible to the magic of a landscape, a gesture.

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