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Learning with the first child’s bicycle for children from 18 months infants learn the safe cycling right from the beginning. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Tony Parker on most websites. After the crawling phase, children begin their sense of balance and their movements on a different level to coordinate. The so-learned new skills are fundamental to later motor skills of the child and learn and take part in the future of cycling, for safe cycling begins long before the actual learning of bicycle riding. The safest way to learn these skills from the start to the special needs and skills of the infant matched wheels. Such Einstiegsrad is for children ages 18 months and is a kind of wheel with four wheels, a saddle and a handlebar. The four wheels ensure that your child does not fall over with the wheel, but can still teach the child to know the proper coordination and quick movements.

It can be learned with the steering direction and developed a feel for the Speed. Before his child then a child’s bicycle with training wheels on pedals and cycling can be learned, it makes sense to let the child previously been through so a wheel used to the motion. When buying a wheel for such infants should be observed that your child is always safe contact with their feet to the ground, has the saddle and handlebar height are adjustable, handlebar impact is not limited and the ends of the handlebars are padded. You get those wheels including in the specialty market for toys, or even in a well-stocked bike shop. A child who has been training hard with a wheel in general very quickly learned the correct cycling on a child’s bicycle.

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