Vacation in France

The Franchisee

Therefore, the franchisor can not cancel regular payments: if the expansion and development franchise will lose all meaning. Do not yield to such situations? Of course there is! The solution – general purpose output is a more flexible interaction between franchisor and franchisees on the basis of strategic plans and their performance. Thus, the very first problem of the high cost of a franchise can be avoided if the franchisor will expand the range of deductibles, depending on the financial and marketing strategies. For example, if purpose of the franchisor – to expand its influence in the market at any price, he can offer a wide choice of deductibles from cheap to very expensive depending on the location of the store, from their number, from the exclusive territory, etc. Then, the franchisor will be able to attract the maximum number of potential franchisees. So, for the franchisee TD "Kopek" initial fee ranging from 20 000 to 50? 000, depending on the declared number of stores franchisees and geographic location (the location is more profitable – the more expensive the deductible).

Another option for flexibility in relation to the franchisee – the use of the practice of commercial banks – pay in installments. If franchise value is too large for the franchisee, it can be divided into several parts, so that you can repay it within a certain period of time. This practice uses the GC "Victoria, who adapts the schedule pay a down payment for a particular franchisee. The company develops payment schedule based on the franchisee plans: What they are ambitious, the better terms of payment in installments.

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