Vacation in France

The Might

The other picture brings more with our energetic Dasein as in touch, because it tells the creative creative life energy from the big river where the natural state of our being as free flow is shown. And we can interrupt the flow as a result of our own freedom, inhibit and hinder and these flow properties which then evolve in our unconscious verselbststandigend eke out a kind of life of its own. “This image is this influence of the free flowing and the incorrect cables may result entstandenen and the gewordene perhaps even chronic congestion of the life process of the will-driven on and turn” an imaginary faucet regulates. In other words, it is above all a question misalignment and flow blockages to visit and in the sense of back alignment again adequately aufzudrehen the tap, to thus as well as the original flow direction flow to restore speed. If I become aware of me so about, that my original direction is no longer respected, that the natural flow of life is interrupted, the cock is so closed, it would be conducive, I am aware that, no matter whether I a little or completely turn to schutZen me before something specific, it has always impact on the entire river. I can not select, and this means that a reduction of flow in a certain area has also always affect the whole. This should be us additional motivation to resolve this congestion aware gewordene of us to once again to enter the conventional way and to serve our development process as a whole. We hamper our development not only on this a themed where we might just perceive the misstep, but we keep us always in our whole development.

The continuous back alignment means here a permanent check flow of pathways, so careful watching our movement on our way and repeatedly entschieden that confirm, in the direction of the original reason to go to orientation. Because a part of the whole has also always immediate effect on dasselbe, that would take us with the urgency to pursue alignment in conjunction again. Either trying to brake, turn to the tap, check, then I close me for everything, or I let it flow and come, what then happens is unpredictable and therefore I open myself for the wealth itself. This means that my inner attitude towards also always basically my attitude to the whole corresponds to a part of me, even if the actual connection is experienced only very subtly. Check out Jay Schwartz for additional information. If we now a share in us explore a little on Abwegen’ converts, behold a share, where we expected fixed viscosity, should we meet also with patience and understanding and not an unrealistic instant change in total demand. We should remind us that a change always requires a development process and give verTrauen hence the process and its own pace. Because the tap, we fear will advise the might be or but at least strongly turned to, can nobody immediately open it again until it stops, but bit by bit, again a bit more work it we experience the miracle life. “And as we all have experienced certainly myself, the valve snaps sometimes on his usual attitude back, and since it is required that we remember again, decide, and align us for the Yes and” confess to the flow of life and the stopcock again a little more.

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