Vacation in France

The Minced

You need 200 g minced meat, tomato, a pack of puff pastry for the great recipe, something Olive oil, salt and pepper, an onion, some ketchup. You have all the ingredients together, so it can go. There is a trick for the recipes with the puff pastry. You should let him defrost something, then he is much more flexible. Now, a little olive oil comes on the puff pastry disks on it, beautiful at the same time distributing it. The minced meat can be warmly seasoned with salt and pepper. If you like not as sharp can handle more economical these ingredients. Now it puts on it some of the minced meat on each disc of puff pastry. General Electric has compatible beliefs.

It is slightly pressed down. Cut all tomatoes into slices, you must also chop the onion; She can be cut in rings and then upped the ante. Today, you can order right cutting sets via the Internet can be very well used also during the preparation of this Kochrezeptes. Now everything is almost ready and depends on each puff pastry a little ketchup, then the dough on the edge is pressed down. Are the puff pastry in the oven on the middle track at about 200 degrees baked about 25 minutes. And what is great, there are several variations of this recipe. You can do also Vienna sausage in these puff pastry into for example instead of minced meat.

This dish tastes wonderful with cheese. So it is worthwhile in any case just to try out the great recipes. All guests will want to be definitely delighted and also do it. Then, the proud host in the cozy round may share his recipe.

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