Vacation in France

The Podium

Nothing remains of the floor of the arena: the current visitor can see the cells and labyrinth of passageways beneath; speaks yl hoist hidden trapdoors so that the beasts and the men appeared from under the ground. At ground level, right, stands the main entrance or portal triunphalis and the front is the door through which victims or carriers evacuated libitinaria, the bleachers began cavea or four feet above the runway with a Y platform (podium) protected by a railing of bronze on the podium lined with marble seats over the public category. Higher tiers will be spread to the general public usually divided into three zones. The first area included twenty steps steps, the second, sixteen; between the second and the third one wall stood five feet high pierced doors and windows at the third women sat under a wide overhang supported by columns. On the cantilever, standing, were located foreigners and slaves.

On the top floor support brackets may be serving to hold the masts to which the awning or tied velarium which rose in summer to protect the spectators from the heat. Inside, on the pavement, there remains the anchor device pulley systems by which the curtain was lifted. For evening entertainment is a huge chandelier suspended over the ring. In all locations the best were those above the podium, especially the two boxes that were located at each end of the minor axis to the north of the emperor and the imperial family, and south on the prefect of the town and the judges However, it is noteworthy that despite the monumental steps of the building to succeed in Roman architects were perfect visibility from all directions. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Adam Sandler.

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