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So if you occasionally think about more spice in your love life: Enjoy the fresh fruit for a change in your partner's belly button. Like the combination also sound a little unconventional, here still "hot," Tip: Sprinkle a little pepper or chili on the increase in the effect tremendously! Hot or cold from the leaves of strawberries (preferably wild strawberries) can be child's pleasurable tea Prepare. Collect the young leaves of bay, at best, before they are in bloom. Please make sure that the leaves are not sprayed. take 2 teaspoons of the leaves with liter of water for a moment and about 15 minutes. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Tony Parker. The tea leaves of the strawberry drink is not only warm a pleasure, it can be too cold to enjoy very good and is therefore the perfect refreshing summer drink. The tea drunk regularly acts against blemished skin, flushed through the kidneys, is a diuretic and can relieve stomach upset and diarrhea stopped.

Develop their full flavor of the local berries at room temperature. Wash the fruit the way, only short, they take the water up quickly, and may lose flavor quickly. Purity for the skin, the berries are not only suitable for human consumption. Read more here: Related Group. It allows you to do something good for your skin. Puree a handful of fresh fruit with a teaspoon of cottage cheese and some lemon juice and apply the mask on your face.

If you do too much touched by the mask have – snacking is allowed. After 10 minutes rinse your face with lukewarm water. The skin shines with new freshness and feels silky soft and wonderfully smooth. With all these tips about the strawberry you get maybe fancy a trip to the strawberry field next to the fruits from the bush to try. The fruits are suitable not only for immediate consumption. You can process or store jam but also frozen for several months. Strawberries are therefore the absolute favorites of the season – and have in the pot and place on the smallest balcony.

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