Vacation in France

The Truths

Concluding in fact generates value not only at the level of results expressed in agreements but also by the richness of the deployed process. A successful consultation process going has renewed the Covenants social trust between different social and institutional actors in a community: what is today called social capital. Thus, in addition to the agreements which you may subscribe between the parties, the process itself contributes to that actors who intervene know more, closer relations and go generating trust among them. You can say that this is one of main secondary gains from whole concertador process. Do and what difficulties can affect derail it concertation processes? Absence of goals lack of information lack of willingness to reach some agreement. Limited capacities and skills for dialogue limitations on the ability to communicate weak participation of the agents involved poorly designed processes lack of tolerance and cooperation breach of agreements lack of confidence or credibility in the process of consultation processes, although they can be very rigorously designed and repetitive, these are always an open experience that will depend to a large measure of a complementary relationship between the plotted strategy and the willingness of participants to arrive at decisions by common agreement. Arrange is to open a space for the permanent negotiation. It seeks to arrange to get to results, which are expressed as agreements between the parties.

Although lately the conclusion comes sounding much as a process through which are encouraged and channelled the participation of citizens, there is relatively little material systematized on how do and what are the strategic directions to make these processes successful experiences. In fact, one of the key to be developed skills has to do with conflict prevention and constructive negotiation. ARRANGING IN MULTIDISCIPLINARY SETTINGS. In multidisciplinary areas, where various modes of perceiving, interpreting and acting in the world cross, there are places where the experiences of consultation passed one of their main tests of rigor. We already saw that arrange is the process through which multiple persons or representatives of various bodies seek to agree and generate decisions in common.

In that sense, if in addition to positions or interests that may not necessarily be confluent, we have the backdrop of the different looks that come by differences based disciplines, processes of concertation on the same point, assume some complexity. At this point, our intercultural perspective of communicative ability and concertadora will comes into play. We could not move towards a successful experience of consultation if it is that we do not assume as a basic principle of multidisciplinary dialogue principle: is there where there is no categorical truths but that these are built in the respectful and equitable interaction. In this case, not just only meet the different interests at stake but the singular perceptions that behind each one and give everyone confidence that merits and from this open space for dialogue on equal terms. The conclusion in contexts Pluridisciplinarios, acquires more complexity, there is no doubt, because the elements at play have to do with the truths, beliefs and needs that each stakeholder group has as a frame of reference and from which weave their unique positions, interests, fears and aspirations.

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