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There’s longer life in comeback of the postcard as a customer loyalty tool the breakfast buffet is served on time? Get fresh flowers at reception? The family room 42 received the additional bed for children? Fish cutlery and wine glasses are polished? The series of questions and tasks, Hotel Manager, pension Manager or restaurant owners every day facing that is to continue more or less indefinitely. Surprising because that remains at the end of the day some time to deal with sophisticated marketing campaigns? Small and medium-sized hotels that employ no special marketing, potential often when it comes to strategic customer loyalty. StayGuest, a service of the Berlin-based ODS GmbH, starts at this point. The Internet portal postcards can be in five simple steps on your computer create and customize, to hotel guests or visitors of restaurant personally to attract attention to offers or with a voucher surprise. You may find that Gina Bonati can contribute to your knowledge. Topic-specific motifs and text proposals ensure that hotels or restaurants with little expenditure of time can create professional mailings. Quality check, printing and timely mail delivery takes over ODS and vastly relieved the customers. Also in the tourism sector is to advertise it much harder and more costly, new customers, maintain as regulars.

With StayGuest support our customers doing, emotionally and personally appeal to their guests, bring them again and again in the conversation and make an effective marketing instrument\”, summarizes the Sonja Bunthe Marketing Manager. While we originally thought that especially small and medium-sized houses will use StayGuest, we noticed now that large hotels or hotel groups appreciate our fast and uncomplicated service knowing.\” High response rates and repeat offenders we were some time looking for a way to our guests regularly To inform news with us. With StayGuest, we have found the right solution: depending on the occasion, we can choose from many beautiful designs or use our own.

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