Vacation in France

Time Buyer

To buy an apartment, using borrowed funds does not necessarily apply to the bank. If you have 25% down payment to buy housing in installments at cost and not pay any interest. It is this solution offers a housing program "Housing step." The idea of the program "Housing Step" is based on two sources of income held by the estate – the rising cost and rental income. Two participants programs combine their efforts and help each other. One of them, having 50% or more to buy an apartment serves as a Buyer. The remaining amount he adds customer-provided tenant living in purchased an apartment at the time of calculation with him. Thus, putting together 50% + 50% or 60% + 40% of the cost, etc., the buyer and the buyer-tenant get an apartment. Purchaser without interest and subject to their ability to return Buyer-tenant provided the sum of all this Time Buyer-free tenant lives in an apartment purchased.

With this interaction of buyers satisfied with the mutual interests of both parties. And it allows buy an apartment with a smaller amount, do not have the full purchase price. But in practice, buyers do not always have the entire amount (100%) required to purchase an apartment. Therefore, for the purchase invite another party to the transaction – Investor, which provides partners with the condition of the remaining amount of income 15% per annum. The result: investor and buyer-tenant is added to the Buyer on the missing money purchase of an apartment.

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