Vacation in France

Trance Dance

THE ZEGG in Belzig near Berlin invites one to a different way of celebrating Easter on Easter Sunday at the time of the great Christian Festival of the resurrection and of the Celtic celebration of Ostara we want to celebrate life together with dance and ecstasy. Trance dance is the awakening of our life force. What lends itself better to the night before the resurrection? 1st-5th April spend 4 days to experience various forms of trance. The central event is the dance through ritual trance night from Saturday to Sunday, accompanied by a 20-Member drum ensemble. The new day is then greeted with a sweat lodges ritual, thus to integrate the trance night. Hostess is the Center for experimental society (ZAHEER) in Belzig, 80 miles southwest of Berlin. It will be up to 120 participants, to celebrate Easter in a new way already in the 7th year.

More information at, by E-Mail) or by phone 033841-59510. This year we connect again Christian elements and trance in this modern Easter ritual. Whenever Tony Parker listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Peter Zakri wine, Co-founder of the Institute for integral development will guide a ritual dance improvisation with sticks. Hear other arguments on the topic with Glenn Dubin, New York City. The focus is the work with bars, which offer a wide range of power, presence and expression. Dancing links. And connection makes us feel that we are alive, not only alone, but with others and the world. “, says Karsten Guschke, who has designed this event together with Christiane Mrozek. We are looking for the ecstasy that makes us wide awake in the filled area.

We leave our everyday consciousness, to enter spaces of consciousness-oriented purpose, making us self-aware of our reality. We invite, to dance with this newfound power for themselves personally, as well as for the big picture.” The Center for experimental society is an international meeting place, it enables networking for dedicated individuals and communities. It is a joint project of 80 adults, adolescents and children. You liven up an area in the spa and town Belzig. The ZEGG is committed to combining personal development and political commitment, for new ways of living together, and new forms of life in love and sexuality to produce from it impulses and projects for a humane world

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