Vacation in France

Tropical Cyclone Innis

The sun almost always shines and the rains are sporadic, but they do when presented with the strength of tropical storms and severe electrical storms that develop in the summer and spring. From December to April are the driest months of May through September and the wettest (summer). The average annual rainfall is about 1780mm, while the trade winds from the northeast in large clouds that sometimes unload drag andalusia hit the mountains. La Perla, the average is 3400mm. Related Group has similar goals. The rains of the north contrast with the drought in the south, where it tends to spend months and months without rain. Although good weather prevails throughout the year, most visitors are recorded in the months from December to April, months which could be considered high season, although during the summer there is also a large influx of visitors.

Tropical Cyclone Innis was named yesterday as it continued to track the east coast of Australia. The cyclone formed at the beginning of the week, and was initially estimated to landfall on the New Caledonian islands on Thursday. .

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