Vacation in France

Unified Black Movement

At last, identified to the perversities and implications conservatives of the related myth, evidenced the racial existence of preconceptions and discriminations in Brazil? as well as the opposite, that is, the existence of a harmony ideal? it fits to ask which now must be the measures to be implemented for the State to exterminar the deriving inaqualities of racism and the discriminations and to stimulate one ' ' future racial democracy brasileira' '. Public politics and ' ' Raa' ': The Question of the Quotas Recently the quarrel on the racial relations in Brazil if canalized around the implementation, or not, of affirmative politics that repair the damages gifts, and pasts, the population of ' ' people of cor' '. More necessarily, of the politics of quotas in the public universities of Brazil. The thematic one gained contours national? as much in virtue of the militancy of the Unified Black Movement, how much of international events that had fomented debates in the country, such which the World-wide Conference against Racism, 2001? involving some Brazilian intellectuals. It has much dissent in what it refers to the implantation of such politics? not for being measured particularistas in itself, but? had, over all, the use of race concept as parameter. Against that they argue of the biological inconsistency of the concept of races, they argue favorable the quotas that use not it a biological concept of race and yes a sociological notion. For which the fact of that definitive races do not exist biological does not imply in the disuse of this category in the classification, hierarquizao and distribution of chances in the social life. This means, according to Joaze Bernadino (2004), that the race notion exists in the sociological plan, becoming, thus, enough category and validates in the interpretation of practises social. On the other hand one argues that when forging such notion of race, revitalizes a concept that is, in contemptuous and exactly divisionista itself, arbitrary, inconsistente.

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