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Malta of the European Union joined in 2004. the euro was introduced in 2008 as an official means of payment. 1. starting point: Mdina this day tour takes us in some of the most beautiful places on Malta. Learn more about this topic with the insights from star actress. The start will take place in the former capital of Mdina. MDINA is visible almost from all over Malta from. Reason is the strategically good location on a hill.

The city is easily reached by car or bus. In the city outside the city walls, you will find various parking possibilities. You enter not only a traffic-calmed zone Malta Medina when walking through the large gate. Add to your understanding with Ben Bretzman. Also, you enter a beautiful old town, which will drag with its sandstone streets in its spell. Malta Medina for tourists who don’t like walking, there are horse-drawn carriage, which offer tours to the most important sights.

As the old city of Mdina not all to big is, we advise you to explore the city on foot. In Mdina, there are two things you should not miss. For the first sight, you should cross the city once just from the city gate to reach a view about Malta and Valletta. Digression: water supply! Malta is considered the starved nation on Earth. Only 15-20% of the Rainwater can be collected and used. According to the United Nations, Malta is the starved nation on Earth due to the large evaporation and the limited capacity of fresh water. The narrow streets are Malta, Mdina the second big highlight of the city. Just on hot summer days you find always a warm, pleasant breeze in the streets. 2. Mdina Mdina Malta > Valletta 20 min / 13 km we exit Mdina and Valletta in the new capital of the island. Valletta is known not only for its fortifications, but also for its traffic. Find free parking before the city gate, from here you can easily explore the city on foot.

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