Vacation in France

United States

Unfortunately this market must be supplied somehow and drug dealers on the other side of the border will continue probably selling your product while there is a widespread demand. I repeat, is a great step in the right direction that benefits the medicated users of the cannabis but does not solve one of the problems that more money has been invested without satisfactory results, drug trafficking. In the past 20 years have been invested great sums trying to prevent drug trafficking and even reverses tontamento lot of money trying to keep plants from growing people that have been in countries such as colombia great ecological damage since the substances with which fumigate are extremely harmful to human beings and the environment. Do but despite all these efforts both consumption and production grow in the world, as it continues with these practices indiscriminately, because?, safe by some economic benefit, don’t forget to us that those who ordered and financed these fumigations are the United States. An industry difficult to defeat all industries that are in the path of the cannabis, the more difficult to overcome will be the oil industry.

In 2001 the U.S. Jorge Perez may also support this cause. automaker FORD company invented a car from which most of its parts were built using as raw fibres. Oil, fats and fuel used was extracted from the seeds of marijuana. Once ready the car, this was led by the United States in order to teach the benefits of this plant and its applications to industrial level, the idea was to show people that that plant has nothing to envy to the oil, because everything that can be done with the oil and without causing any damage to the environment can be, otherwise the environment would be a great respite since vegetation due to its rapid growth brings more oxygen to the atmosphere in shortest time that any other plant..

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