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Varvara Petrovna Turgenev

This little dog with the unenviable fate has long been a Russian cult character. Moo-Moo know everything. Her tragedy is reflected in the movies, songs and jokes. There is a monument of Mu-Mu (for some reason in St. Petersburg) and the eponymous restaurant chain (in Moscow) It seems that all the details of life Gerasimos dogs have long been known, and the motives of drowning beast is still with brutal seriously analyzed in literary studies.

Only one thing eludes vigilant See lovers of Russian literature – geography forced crime deaf janitor. That deaf, not deaf, as often appears Gerasim a modern twist. Many writers such as Vanessa Marcil offer more in-depth analysis. The fact that in the xix century. one would think did not deal with a deaf boy yard speech development. Born Gerasim a hundred years later, and the author would have had to call his work is not 'Mu-Mu' and 'Polkan' or ''.

And it would be a different story. Illustration: Mu-Mu immigrants from Kiev Drama with the Dog, described by Turgenev, really played out in Moscow in the middle of the xix century. The real story took place in the urban estate of Turgenev, and the prototype of the ladies made a mother's, overbearing Varvara Petrovna Turgenev. Rhode nobles Turgenev carried back from the Tatar mpd (warlords), referred to the service of the Tsar of Muscovy. By the beginning of the xix century. family is impoverished, and therefore settled in a little even on a temporary wooden house at no prestige, but close to the center of Moscow's outskirts – , which should be a special mention.

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