Vacation in France

Venice Film Festival

The first responses to the film “Euphoria” by Ivan Vyrypayev, shown at the Venice Film Festival (What an honor!), Human resources, flashed on tv, discouraging effect on me: all the same thing as “The Island” or “bastards” on poetics. Reflection successful authors, transferred to the unfortunate characters who are humiliated in every way, and for this claim to fame and honor. Catching up in the last 15 years solely Renaissance in Russia in the context of development world art from classical antiquity to the Renaissance in Western Europe, I involuntarily drew attention to the statement of the playwright and director Ivan Vyrypayev on web pages: “I can not seem naive, foolish and even crazy, but I think that the Renaissance is still possible. Moreover, in our culture is the only chance to survive. ” This is from an interview in the newspaper in anticipation of success at the Venice Film Festival (2007), which shared, seen, and correspondent Marina Davydova. Thought Ivan Vyrypayev interested me. Here, a remarkable and questions and answers. “Q: You are dubbed the ‘euphoria’ tragedy.

Do you sincerely believe that the genre is possible in modern culture? Answer: Of course, I have enough intelligence and education to understand that there is no place of this tragedy. Not only us but also in Europe and America. But I have deliberately used this definition and tried, wherever possible, to move it in that direction. Maybe that’s why there was such a mixed reaction to the film. There are some people very dear, who even stopped me after the greeting.

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