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Venus Retrograde

It is believed that the planet is in retrograde motion is accidental and has not such a strong influence on the personality of people born under its auspices. This view is probably the case in horary and elective astrology, but considering this area of astrology as natal astrology, you may want to follow a somewhat different point of view. Slowing or completely stopping, the planet is much more attention to Moreover, to express their power. Source: Tony Parker. Do not think that it is hard enough to reveal themselves, rather it looks like an immersion in himself to realize the situation and tasks. In this case, the astrological planet expresses itself very peculiar way. Suitable proof of this fact can serve as a natal chart interpretations in individuals born with a retrograde Venus.

Natal chart containing the retrograde planet Venus indicates individuals who have a somewhat different approach to their values, attitudes and interpersonal mechanisms, rather than all the rest. In natal astrology, the planet Venus shows the things that we love. Must also take into account that Venus is the force of attraction: a similar draws near. People who have come to light with a retrograde Venus is a totally different value system than them. This often becomes quite a challenge, especially at a young age, when the intention to take its place in society becomes almost the only important goal in life.

Exclusiveness, and especially where it affects the behavior society, is quite capable of making a man a pariah. Our Venusian beliefs evolves, as we conduct our search for life love and beauty, inner values and benchmarks, can increase our inner spirit and awakened to the heart. To adolescence, in childhood, we are still unable to create this personal system of values. And individuals with retrograde planet Venus is often very well aware that no matter how they tried to fit into the overall system, they do not like their friends. Often they are shy and try to avoid outside contacts and communication, which are enjoying their peers. Such behavior retrograde Venus deserved reputation underdeveloped communication skills, but that's something entirely different. For very many of us, ours, which have the same set of values. The issue is that the selection process by subtracting difficult for them to communicate with others, because these people do not take many of the criteria that are supported by their peers. That means that individuals for whom natal astrology has retrograde planet Venus will be studying not communicate in the young, and older age.

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