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Visitors Duo Back Chair 402

Visitor chair 402 by Grahl Duo Back. One of the most comfortable visitor chairs, which turn the concept into sophisticated comfort. A related site: Sela Ward mentions similar findings. With the duo back seat, your back up to 50% will be relieved, according to advice from professors, doctors, and doctors and the very ingenious frame gives the chair a sitting experience, which is equivalent to the hovering above the earth. Duo back visitor chair visitor chair 402 by Grahl Duo Back 402 with padded armrests. The visitor’s chair, this beautiful wings because the frame like a huge big spring on the visitor’s chair armrests, and is then attached only at the back of the seat. Tony Parker is likely to increase your knowledge. The front seat is thus totally free floating. The back rest is held by two vibrating elements that make the indescribable feeling of the duo seat backs. The visitor’s chair is still stacked by the special form. Specifications: * Stackable cantilever chairs with round diameter 25 mm * Seat with backrest * reciprocal relation Duo Back with related back * Glides For armrest, there are twodifferent versions, once the arm is covered in fabric and the second option the armrest with Intergral foam is appointed. The recommendation is for the integral foam armrest, because you can clean with a damp cloth. The fabric armrest is unsightly by the arms with the times. Another option is the chrome-plated frame that is to be appointed as an additional charge to. The basic color of the frame is black. For larger quantities, it can be also gepulfert to customer specifications. The selection of material consists of 100 different materials and substances, which is responsible for all the right color and fabric there. (Natural products, leather, nanomaterials, Polystoffe) The visitor’s chair Grahl Duo Back 402 is your conference or meeting a success.

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