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Web Hosting Affiliate Program By ICDSoft

Web hosting by ICDSoft affiliate program provides you with the opportunity to get 50 percent of the price of each sold Hostingpakets. In other words these are 32 to 65 per package. ICDSoft now offers a Web hosting affiliate program for its Web hosting packages in Germany. Thus, you have the opportunity to receive 50% of the price of each sold Hostingpakets. In other words these are 32 to 65 per package. The affiliate partner registration is completely free and takes only a few minutes. You need not to have start-up capital still need to agree any minimum sales clauses no minimum turnover and no hidden conditions.

Anyone can register as affiliate partner, regardless of whether he or she has an own website. As soon as you sign up, you will receive access to our intuitive Affiliatepanel. From there you can select a banner for your site. We offer banners in various sizes and colours, so that we can meet as many as possible of our affiliate partners. If you select a banner, you will receive a unique link that looks like this: aff = Yourmembername. As soon as someone clicks on this link or the banner and passed on our website, a cookie is stored in the browser.

If then the same user ordered within 30 days an account with us, we know on the basis of the cookie to which affiliate partner we have to pay the fee in the amount of 50% of the package price. You ask yourself how much you can earn money with the Web hosting affiliate program from the Web hosting provider-ICDSoft? Here an example: you post a banner on your website. Within a week, a universal package with a new .com domain of value of 77 and another ordered one of your Web visitors a business package with a new .de domain of value of 130. Your Commission would amount to 50% of the total of the two orders, what would exactly 103.50. If This scenario within a month weekly repeats itself, would have earned at the end of the month about 400… and without any more effort on your part. In addition to the banners we offer also the unique opportunity to create your own promotional codes, which you can use to share their Commission with clients, which they pass on to ICDSoft, our affiliate partners. Here the idea of who is behind this: we offer you as our affiliate partner a Commission in the amount of 50% of the price of an order. At the same time, we offer you the possibility to share part of this Commission, which would thus receive a discount when ordering with your website visitors in the form of a rebate. The other part will be charged as otherwise as Commission. Here an example: create a promotional code with a discount of 20% and the rest by 50% – 20% = 30% would be your Commission. If a customer would like to purchase for example a business package for one year, with a new .de domain of value of 130, he would by the Avail 20% discount, which would be 26 and pay only 104. However, would get the remaining 30% or just Commission 39. As you can see this, the total amount of discount and Commission is exactly 50% of the standard price 65 amounting to 130 – namely. Clever, no? More under partnerprogramm.php ICDSoft

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