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Over the protective mechanisms of the operating system working professionals from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Meanwhile, in the Western press has repeatedly information appeared that hackers broke into the system even before its official market launch. And here in China are now on sale pirated copies of Vista at 1 euro per cd. Wait! By the way, according to statistics Yandex requests' windows vista download (26063 impressions per month, data for January 2007), 'vista download (50151) are soon logical query' vista "(474,846), and 'windows vista" (186,958). And the Internet has sites where you can download for free distribution of Windows Vista (called Windows Vista Final, RTM-release size 4,33 GB).

And then activate the operating system – activation key (Cd Key), all sorts of cracks (crack) is attached. Yet 6 billion 'green' spent on the development of Windows Vista, surely pay off. Microsoft is expected that the new system will be installed (officially) for 100 million computers worldwide. According to statistics, 95% of all computers in the world installed Windows (assuming that all of its versions). Windows Vista Ultimate Microsoft offers the following editions of the operating system Windows Vista: Home Basic – ideal for home computers. Home Premium – it edition that delivers more ease of use, security and entertainment to your pc at home and on the road. Ultimate – the most complete version of Windows Vista, combining the performance, security and mobility needed to work with a full range of functions for entertainment. Business – is the first operating system Windows, developed specifically to meet the needs of small businesses.

Windows Vista Enterprise – has been designed to help large organizations with advanced IT-infrastructure to reduce risks and management costs. The main difference between the new system Windows Vista from the old version was its appearance. The new Aero interface uses 3D-graphics to create translucent windows, that appear on the computer screen. Windows Vista. Style of Windows Aero Other innovations Vista: Built-in search engine (Search), transparent side panel, where users can add gadgets (gadgets) – Windows Sidebar. As well as new multimedia platform for digital music (Media Center), video and pictures (Windows Photo Gallery), DirectX 10, e-mail program Windows Mail (instead of Outlook Express), and more. In Microsoft's assured of an increased, compared with Windows xp, operating speed, which is achieved renewed subsystem memory management and input-output and the ability to auto-run services and programs in the background. Windows Vista is provided in versions for 64-bit (x64) and 32-bit (x86) processors. Installation requirements for Windows Vista The hardware requirements for installing Windows Vista, as mentioned above, are a major obstacle to the acquisition of the new os 'average "user. According to information from Microsoft, computers that can run Windows Vista, classified as Vista Capable, ie meet the minimum requirements, and Vista Premium Ready (meet recommended settings). Vista Capable: cpu – 800 MHz, 512 mb ram, 20 gb hard drive. Vista Premium Ready: 1 GHz processor, 1 gb ram, 40 gb hard drive, 128 mb of video memory, drive – DVD-ROM. Free space on hard drive – 15 gb. A special program Windows Experience Index will assess your performance. Windows Vista 6.0 product line Windows nt, Windows Vista will be the version 6.0: Windows 2000 – 5.0, Windows xp – 5.1, Windows Server 2003 – 5.2, Windows Vista 6.0. To refer to Windows Vista is sometimes abbreviated as 'WinVI ", which combines the name' Vista" and the version number written in Roman numerals. The latest version of Windows Vista – 6.0.6000 (RTM-release or final version) of 8 November 2006.

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