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Windshield Fluid

For all motorist safety on the road, one of the priority issues. Good visibility and dripped pure – and not the last component of this security. Wipers were invented more than a century ago, and History washer fluid windshield began just fifty years after that. Nezamerzayka – cleans the glass and prevents re-formation of ice dams. High-quality liquid leaves no spots and bright easy to clean any dirt road, through a surface-active substances. I would like to talk about the correct choice of automotive chemicals. Nezamerzayka, despite its name, still freezes, it becomes the truth is not in ice, and in an unsuitable "mess." Most freezing liquids are capable of operation down to minus twenty five degrees, but there are concentrates that can tolerate freezing temperatures to forty. When using nezamerzayki, important not to dilute it with water, it significantly affects the efficiency of the washer.

But the need to dilute the concentrate, as he, for undiluted use may cause inflammation on the move the car. Not allows you to freeze nezamerzayke, its affiliated industrial alcohol. And in the cheap or fake windshield fluids using methyl alcohol – is able to spoil their smell any trip. So, some simple, but useful tips on choosing antifreeze. First, pay attention to the label. On a quality product it is smooth, with crisp text.

On ethics should be written as follows: name of manufacturer, rules for the application, the description, and address the production, release date and certification. Secondly, the smell of stekloomyvaeyuschey fluid. If you smell right, "a slap in the nose," is to refuse to purchase, in liquid methanol is present, which can be easily poisoned. If you smell the sharp, acetone, then there is less danger nezamerzayke isopropyl alcohol, which irritates the respiratory tract and eyes. Third, if you choose to look nazamerzayki the price. Quality friendly windshield fluid freezes at earlier than indicated on ethics can not get too cheap. If you still want to save money on purchasing nezamerzayki, you can buy it in bulk. The initial number usually starts from a hundred pieces. I think, of course, one car owner does not need so many windshield antifreeze, so the machine owners agree among themselves, and order bulk liquid at competitive prices. Delivery is usually done in this case free of charge. Fourth, pay attention to usability. It is important that non-freezing windshield fluid was convenient to pour into the tank. On Today, little windshield fluids satisfy this requirement. All these characteristics are important, but still the deciding factor is the experience nezamerzayki motorist. Safety of principal on the road criterion. Important time to make repairs alternators and starters, to touch the engine and pass inspection.

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