Vacation in France

With Feet On Earth

When they say that sometimes reality is too hard to live is not too hard to exaggerate. Sometimes we tend to get carried away by some false feelings or impulses that keep us see beyond our knowledge. We are aware of many of our actions, but many others are driven by forces that neither we ourselves know to control and direct. Even knowing what we need or what is right and good for us blind ourselves to our false beliefs and our illusions that everything can go as we want and we should not do the right thing but get carried away by our passion. I think with time and age, after a fall, and then another and another . In you until you discover where you're able to come and how strong you are to resist according to situations.

We own our lives and sometimes forget that this is true and is true as a temple. All that we can not control is death which fortunately or unfortunately we know that this and that but sooner or later we will come. Anything else, and say all caps because it is important to emphasize that nuance, it is absolutely controllable. If we suffer for it because we love that make us suffer just as when you simply want to enjoy it is because we let ourselves go and succumb to the temptation without compunction. It is not sensible nor logical to continue something that hurts us and makes us feel less valuable than we are.

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