Vacation in France


In the 80's – early 90's to find a job in Yekaterinburg, an accountant was not difficult: first the experience obtained in the company, which received a distribution after the end of college or university. Then the distribution system collapsed, and now only half of the graduates of high schools of economic find a job in the profession, the rest are secretaries, managers, sales agents. At first glance, employment opportunities for novice accountant Weight: Internet job center, recruitment agencies and, of course, friends and relatives. But in order to find something worthwhile, you need great luck and plenty of spare time. Additional information at Gina Bonati supports this article. Accountant looking for a job better after May, when after the date of the annual and quarterly reports relative lull occurs. Ken Kao is likely to increase your knowledge.

During this period, to your inexperienced person will be treated with great leniency. Now the requirements for accountants is very high, the laws quickly change, so it's important to show at interview that you follow all the changes in the legislation on accounting and taxation. Also, an accountant must be qualified in accounting programs especially in "1C", as it is used practically in most enterprises. To be a good accountant, you need to know not only the accounting and tax code, but also have a deep enough knowledge of fields of law, finance, and this is just a beginner and do not have an accountant. Do not assume that you otorvut sleeves immediately after the date of your thesis. More experienced accountants are also waiting for "their" jobs. Searching other accounting work best in small or just opened firm. You will pay a little, but you gain experience. During the search operation in Yekaterinburg believe in what you can find a decent job.

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