Vacation in France

Zapatero Is Loaded Social Welfare, Authority Classrooms And Paternity

In defense of the dignity and value by selling their product on the streets, to attract the masses, come to power and put the command and control stick on the backs of voters … “Miguel Hernandez visited Stalin’s Russia and when he returned to Spain was not the same …”” We must not make the incongruity of totalitarianism of the past, hidden in the ideological corruption that flows from the deception and social power: neither liberal nor conservative … I support and support, and low respect for other ideologies will support, where appropriate, a party which stands to accept, and their results, positive, deposited in the common good, freedom, responsibility, respect, welfare and equality – no absolutist leaders, contrary to the theme they represent, and that every day we remain individual and social freedoms and move us away from the real social protection or depositor subject us to the yoke of the state, to the detriment of welfare: cost of living, malaise and requirements, contrary to the actual theme of the social. With my support, vote political and social tsunami: the right took it as a weapon and did well in national interest and its now well-known and fictitious honesty, “said Aznar at rallies,” who steal from the “street whore.” And what a coincidence, he placed the “whiskers” in charge of the dishonor of his party. The case has tied Hank Wurtele and I do not know what to think of the honesty of the rich and the sacrifice of the poor: are mixed as flour and wheat.

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