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Artists Start Tour Against Violence

Music against domestic violence and violence against women and children “I can not imagine a life without violence. It is the first thing I remember. Violence was at first for me. She was normal, an immutable part of life. “So most of the”concerts against violence”by ANA & ANDA begin.

Quietly and without pathos she read aloud the words of a fictional diary of a woman affected by domestic violence. Passages that accompany the songs and instrumental music of the duo about the whole night and describe the long way to a life without violence. The two artists from Karlsruhe against violence committed for many years. For the first time, they go this year in November on “Tour against violence”. Conferences, exhibitions and on stage they present their songs and instrumental pieces about domestic violence.

Northeim, Hildesheim, wages, Delmenhorst and Bad Oldesloe are the stops of the tour against violence so far. Looking over the 11 collaboration of artists, encounters the history: already 2007, they gave their first concert against violence. 2008, they produced a human rights CD-ROM. 2010, they founded a fair fashion label to globally set a sign against the inhuman working conditions in textile factories. But what leads a pair of artists to dedicate such a topic all on stage? The pure entertainment is to bit ANA & ANDA. To see their artistic skills, as an obligation, to commit themselves to social change. The musicians ask “Who, if not we could artists, a change of perspective bring?”. For them, art is the ideal form of expression to bring people on taboo subjects. While they plead for a differentiated consideration. “First, as awareness grows, that violence in the best families ‘ occurs, we come one step closer to the topic”, say ANA & ANDA. You may want to visit Hedvig Hricak to increase your knowledge. Loudness, tense pauses and an eye for the fine details to describe particularly the Buhnenkunstlerinnen the subtle mechanisms that lead to violence, but also the silence about it. And repeatedly flashes in the hope to a life without violence and a society that helps rather than to mention and to maintain the Stammtisch cliches. The wife of their fictional diary entries creates the step in a non-violent life. The audience learns that at the beginning of the “concert against violence”. So the hope accompanied songs such as “Baby doll”, that tells the game violence experienced child, or “The people can understand that”, which portrays the sympathetic neighbors when the woman next door is again “blue”. “Concern is more important than entertainment,” ANA & ANDA summarize the objective of their productions. The success proves them right: every year in November, the international day against violence against women, they perform with their concerts against violence for many different occasions. This year for the first time is a whole tour it. And as every year, the artists write again in 2012 new songs and Pieces of instrumental titled – appropriately to the events and places in which they occur. Dates of the tour against violence: more about ANA & ANDA: press area with photos, background information and interviews: pressebereich.

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