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Angela Novotny – Summer Rain

The new single from Angela Novotny – summer rain when summer comes, come also the summer hits. There is told of Sun, beach and sea, mostly in Caribbean nights rhythm almost in. In the summer of 2009 but also a very quiet, fragile number with the one of the most interesting pop voices of in […]

Christmas Is Around, Godwin New Single

Christmas lives of moods and voices!Rag squad music presented to the Festival a sweet new single “Christmas is around” featuring Puppi, the little cartoon character of the music scene. If you are not convinced, visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Renowned Viennese producer CJ bomb has mixed a self-composed song of Christmas in the guise […]

Plieninger Strasse

Marie Reich, who also wrote the book to “The wild chicks and life”, describes the gradual growing up a young person under all other in her film as simple conditions. Exclusively for guests of the event: the current girls and a cool mobile Chin Chin free for the film. Salons by TopTen and SUPERCUT with […]

Mark Lorenz – Love Is Like A Beautiful Song

This fall, mark Lorenz celebrates its 25th anniversary and rewarded with a new single he has sung many songs about love itself in the course of his musical career. Feelings were always a central theme in his songs. “Yearning for warmth”, “Hautnah”, “I’ve kissed already you”, “I send my heart on the journey” or “My […]

Big Pop Star Parade

The big pop star Parade Magazine since 1996 the two Munich Konzertmogule MANNI SCHULTE and KARL-HEINZ SCHWETER the big Schlager Starparade organize\”anywhere in the Republic. \”What with three events 13 years ago in Munich (I was there! avail.), Dortmund and Nuremberg took his beginnings, led to more and more such great festivals 2009 found / […]

Samuel Andre Madsen

As of 30 September, two compilations for fans of maintained electronic dance music – what people appear play house compilation 3 and what people play techno compilation 1 what people play house compilation 3 focuses on shallow electronic sounds. 30 Tracks and 2 DJ move mixes nuanced between the game directions deep house, tech house-eletronica. […]

The Piano

On the eve of I had a dream that's funny color, which happens very rarely, maybe because I'm colorblind. Contact information is here: Sela Ward. Two Chinese, two in beautiful unshaven bright red satin robe with long sleeves down to the ground, as if my name for themselves. And the language that they speak not […]

Paradise Lost

One of the most persistent themes is theme of the Apocalypse, or the destructive doomsday catastrophe, represented by nearly every album in various forms (“It Rock,” “Will and Reason,” “In the Service of the Forces of Evil,” “Look,” “The Raven”, “The Last Sunset”) . The texts of the first two album were written by the […]

DreamWorks Animation

Not only for longtime fans of the series, but also for action lovers in General, the adventures of the lateral thinker is a hot tip and a worthy addition to any DVD collection. Exclusive rewards for Star collector according to the motto “collect TV series! Star shopping! Premiums back up!”a”Star”with personal code is also the […]


And smooth "talking" to us the language of modern urban speech, language, friendly outgoing person. who did not get lost, do not dissolve in the crowd of millions, not has lost what is called the "soul". He found it and gave the listener to those pristine origins, which occur in childhood and adolescence, and remain […]